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The mattress for training dreaming

ECUS thinks of people with high physical-sport performance needs and creates IRONMAN ‘ACTIVE RECOVERY EQUIPMENT’ T24.7®,a new concept of advanced recovery developed by active rest specialists: the mattress that allows you to continue training while we rest.

The T24.7 mattress offers an extraordinary quality of rest and an invigorating and energizing effect thanks to Celliant and Thermictechnologies.

With Celliant, ECUS guarantees maximum recovery and increase in physical performance. Optically sensitive fibers and minerals are linked to factors such as the body’s electromagnetic energy, sunlight and infrared waves in the environment, influencing increased blood flow, increased oxygenation of tissues, uniform distribution of body temperature, symptomatic relief from arthritis, diabetes and muscle aches.

On the other hand, Thermic with PCM micro-capsules (intelligent state change materials) inserted into the fibers that make up the fabric ensure a balanced temperature microclimate, reduction of perspiration, reduction of the risk of hypothermia and elimination of temperature spikes near the body.

The structure of the T24.7 model is composed of three functional parts and customizable according to the physiology of each user:

  1. Topping: Celliant and Thermictechnologies, which provide a feeling of softness and natural comfort, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and funguicide.
  2. Custom: offers 4 levels of firmness customizable according to anthropometric needs: soft, medium, hard and extra-hard, minimum body pressure.
  3. Foundation:is the core with 7 independent comfort zones: head, shoulders, lumbars, hips, thighs, legs and feet, creating a perfect adaptation to the spine.

Practicing sport is synonymous with harmony between body and soul, and rest is one of the fundamental points for the proper functioning of every athlete.

IRONMAN ‘ACTIVE RECOVERY EQUIPMENT’ T24.7® is maximum comfort and excellent progressive support, fast sleep reconciliation (15min. before) and nice waking up, (33 min. before).

About ECUS, with a clear vocation to offer comprehensive rest solutions, ECUS is a Spanish company with 25 years of experience in the sector, which currently has an international presence on several continents.