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  -  Bathroom   -  Ramon Soler’s Tzar Bath®

Project: Tzar de Ramon Soler Bath®

Author and Execution of Work: Sia Biosca. Barcelona (Spain)

Location: Sia Biosca. Barcelona (Spain)

Date: 2020

Photograph: Stella Rotger

Styling and art direction: Carmen Barasona


The design has evolved towards the needs of people, both aesthetically and functionally. Entering a bathroom like this, implies a moment of well-being like no other, it is an avant-garde bathroom, tidy, clean and surprising. When you enter, the first thing that stands out is the luminosity, despite being a bathroom that has no windows. This is due to the project lighting and the excellent selection of the materials used. It is worth noting the three-dimensional coating with a set of reflections that conveys a surprising effect.

The bathroom projectTzar combines Ramon Soler’s

elegant collection of TZAR taps®, with a bathroom design that radiates exclusivity.



It is very important to select taps in a bathroom of this category, for this, nothing better than Ramon Soler’s TZAR collection® As we all know, taps are one of the details that make the difference, and the TZAR collection becomes the jewel of this bathroom.

The state-of-the-art collection and TZARtap design stand out for its symmetrical and firm aesthetics. It is a tap with personality, which transmits strength and elegance. Getting to add importance and character to the bathroom.

The newest aspect of TZAR lies in its lever, which has an impeccable reverse cylindrical design proportional to the body and the pipe, which unify and give meaning to the whole of the tap, generating a harmony of lines and right angles. The lever design hides behind a linear volume that greatly helps to offer the user maximum ergonomics and grip in handling the lever turn.

In this bathroom the choice of taps has been with chrome finish, for its brilliant neatness. The chrome finish is always trending, and in this project has not only been used in taps, but has also been used in accessories, such as towel racks and especially in the central bank upholstered with white leather and chrome legs, which is the axis of the project.


The project.-

As its name suggests, Baño Tzar,is a project in which the use of a three-dimensional ceramic coating, creates a multitude of light reflections, providing the space with dynamism and luminosity.

In this bathroom, the contrast of cold materials, such as white ceramic, with natural-inspired materials, such as wood-inspired porcelain coating, contributes to create an ideal space for those looking for a sophisticatedly designed bathroom.

Baño Tzar is a project of generous dimensions in which we can appreciate, in its distribution, as a central element, a bench of elegant design that stands out for its functionality. This piece fills the room with character, as well as providing practicality in its daily use. A versatile element in which the user can sit to dress, leave their belongings or any other related activity.


Shower area.-

A large shower area is created, which stands out for its double side entrance and its spectacular Large thermostatic shower from Ramon Soler’s TZAR collection®

A completely transparent screen, contributes to create a diaphanous bathroom and an exclusive shower area. In addition, the new distribution of this shower creates comfort when enjoying the most relaxing moment of the day.


Washbasin area.-

A large minimalist design characterizes the suspended wooden countertop, which provides comfort and functionality, when moving around the space. This spectacular piece of wood is crowned by a deep ceramic bowl sink, which is complemented by the exclusive high pipe single-control faucet from Ramon Soler’s TZAR collection®.

Photo: Washbasin area with Ramon Soler®’s exclusive TZAR high pipe monocommand.®.

A stylized tap with a lot of personality, which transmits strength and elegance, managing to add importance and character to the bathroom. The high-pipe monocommand and chrome finish perfectly complements the pristine white sink.

The Baño Tzar project becomes a sophisticated and urban space that thanks to the quality of its elements and the harmony of its design, is transformed into a cozy and relaxing bathroom.