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  -  Architecture   -  New finishes for ArcoS de Pujol Lighting

The most exclusive appliques in the most innovative finishes

The lamps are luminaires that help to create environments, exclusive pieces that bring a design plus to the room in which they are still functional.

The collection of ARCOS appliques of
Pujol Lighting
surprises us with its new and exclusive industrial finishes such as rust brown, matt nickel and leather finish, which add to the white, black, chrome and silver finishes.

The collection features minimalist lines that integrate perfectly into the most avant-garde architecture. ARCOS consists of a metal perimeter structure, with rounded corners and two diffuser screens on its upper and lower face, which create an ideal ambient light to install in any corner of a room.

The collection is available in 6 different width sizes: 15 cm, 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm; always with a height of 4.5 cm and a bottom of 10 cm.

Photo: Apply A-914/15 from the ARCOS leather finish collection, by Pujol Lighting

PUJOL Lighting
thinks about the refined design of its luminaires, creating collections that fit into a wide variety of projects, and also presents important innovations at the technical level. This time it presents a new LED more powerful and with greater light intensity for ARCOS,a collection of unique appliques.

The efficiency and functionality of the luminaires is one of the most important points to take into account when choosing a luminaire, as well as presenting a quality design.

For this reason, with the new LED that incorporates
Pujol Lighting,
it allows its luminaires to have unique features. Control systems for energy efficiency are essential, avoiding the inappropriate consumption of renewable energy.
Pujol Lighting
contributes to energy savings, high efficiency and a unique quality in its luminaires, providing them with undisputed added value.

ARCOS, a collection designed to illuminate spaces in an efficient way.

Photo: Left: Apply A-914/15, right: apply A-914/120 from Pujol ARCOS Lighting collection, leather finish.


Fabricante: Pujol Iluminación

Designer: Own Team

Collection: ARCOS

Application: Apply

References: A – 914/15, A – 914/30, A – 914/60, A – 914/90, A – 914/120 and A – 914/150

Finishes: chrome, matt nickel, white, black, leather, rust and silver brown.