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Kit Blautherm single-command built-in 2-way Ramon Soler
In these times, when covid-19 shakes humanity, sustainability, water savings and energy efficiency have become essential qualities. During confinement the use of water rises, as we follow strict hygiene standards. For this reason, it is time to be responsible for its use and to become aware of how important it is to take care of the environment. To do this, equipping the bathroom with an efficient tap is the most important factor.

Ramon Soler®, demonstrates once again its constant concern to improve and offer competitive and quality products to its customers.

Launches the Blautherm kit, available in round or square format. A novel shower set that includes: 2-way built-in monocommand with superslim plate, plus a large ABS wall sprayer, and a teleduche with support and flexo.

The Blautherm Kit offers the best set in the high quality market, in which it is worth highlighting its performance against the saving of water and energy and a very competitive price.

packaging kit Blautherm Ramon Soler


These built-in sets are the ideal companion for quick and easy installation. The KIT is designed for the installer, since in a single box are all the necessary elements for its installation, therefore, it helps to make a fast, efficient, comfortable, quality and economically very tight purchase.

The taps offered by the Blautherm Kit is the built-in single command with Superslim plate,without a doubt, it is the most outstanding element of the set, since it combines ergonomics, minimalist design, acoustic protection and durability. It is a high quality monocommand that has a MANUAL INVERTER and ceramic cartridge, in this way we are not at the mercy of the pressure changes of the installations, and we provide the user with reliable comfort to the 100.

At the technical level, it includes the S2 water-saving system,which incorporates an intermediate stop in the vertical path of the lever, providing flow with a saving of 50. And another big advantage is that it requires a Maintenance zero for large installations and stands out for its high strength since all its external components are metallic, allowing you great durability over time.

Two types of kit sets of the new Blautherm KIT are offered:

  1. With the reference 941502RM250, a 2-way recessed monocommand, a circular, circular wall sprinkler (x250 mm), a large INOX dimension and a teleduche with support and flexo are offered.
  2. With the reference 941502RK250, a 2-way built-in monocommand, a 250x250MM square INOX wall sprinkler and a cable and flexo.


S2 water saving

50 of the flow is supplied. This limitation is exceeded by opening the tap to its maximum flow rate if desired.


The ergonomic design of its taps allows easy use for anyone.

Shower system

System for sprinklers and teleduche that allows a perfect distribution of water for each nozzle. This system guarantees considerable savings in water consumption (30), while providing a more comfortable shower. SHOWER SYSTEM offers maximum accuracy and constant distribution of water for each of the nozzles, ensuring uniform spraying.


Our sprinklers feature flexible silicone nozzles thanks to which lime and impurities are easily neglected, even by rubbing with your fingers. Ramon Soler® uses top quality, wear-resistant nozzles, making the sprayer better maintained and 100% reliable in operation. Long good maintenance prevents technical incidents.


Manufacturer: Industrias Ramon Soler
Model: Blautherm Ref. 941502RM250 and 941502RK250

Design: Own team


Technical Characteristics:

  • Ceramic cartridge 35 mm
  • Dealer cartridge
  • S2 water saving system by opening the hand in two phases.
  • Flow rate at 3 bar: shower outlet 21 l/min and bathroom output 22 l/min
  • Acoustic level at 3 bar: < 20 dB.
  • Chrome brass: 15 microns nickel thickness, 0.3 microns of chromium.
  • Resists static pressures 10 bar and 25 bar battering rams.
  • Recommended hot water temperature 55oC. Maximum operating temperature 65oC. Maximum 1h at 90oC.
  • Operating pressure between 1-5 bar. Recommended 3 bar.