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  -  Design   -  CANCIO POKER Table

The extendable table with a unique design thanks to its countertop in Dekton

POKER is the extendable table of CANCIO,

which stands out for its clean lines and its differential design, which gives it its countertop made in Dekton de Cosentino.

It is an extendable table ideal for living room, dining room and kitchen. Its versatility and qualities make it the perfect piece, which combines functionality and aesthetics, filling the space in which it is located.

Photo: POKER table, extend, canCIO with Dekton Trilium countertop

A table of sober and avant-garde design, consisting of two elements of very basic shapes, a rectangular countertop made of Dekton de Cosentino and 4 legs rectangular section, rotated at 45o. Its legs incorporate an internal wheel, which allows to move the table easily, giving functionality to the piece.

Photo: POKERtable, extended, of CANCIO with Dekton Vera countertop


The POKER table has a leg displacement extension system and offers a large extendable, 60 cents, with semi-automatic opening and always matching the main countertop.

Its legs and frame are made of epoxy lacquered steel. With a rectangular section of 70x30mm in the case of the smaller table, and 80x30mm in the case of other measurements.

Photo: CANCIO POKER table with Dekton Vera countertop


As for the countertop alternatives, it is offered in 7 porcelain finishes, with a thickness of 3mm porcelain + 8mm of tempered glass, adding a total of 11mm thick. Or, in 6 tempered and colored glass finishes, with a thickness of 8mm.

In addition, the main novelty of the POKERtable, lies on the possibility of making the worktop with the 52 finishes offered by the Dekton brand of Cosentino. Its finishes are available in different ranges, most of them veined inspired by natural stone, ranging from white, grey, beige and brown tones to darker. Industrial range or high-gloss xgloss finishes are also available. A very important detail is that, in its design there is continuity between the worktop and the extendable in the decoration or vein.

The thickness of the worktop in Dekton is 8mm and has an integrated reinforcement mesh.

The POKERtable, has a height of 75cm and is available in 3 different formats:

  • 110x70cm, for four people, with the possibility of extending to 170x70cm and increasing its number of seats to six.
  • 120x80cm, for six people, with the possibility of extending to 180x80cm and increasing its number of places to eight.
  • 140x90cm, for six people, with the possibility of extending to 200x90cm and increasing its number of places to eight.

The large varieties of finishes offered by the collection as well as its technical techniques make POKER a contemporary table, minimalist style totally adaptable to any space and project.


Technical features

Collection Poker

Table products

Design Own CANCIO team


Countertop with 52 Dekton finishes from Cosentino

7 porcelain finishes

6 tempered and coloured glass or glass finishes

Legs 4 finished epoxy lacquered steel

Possibilities Tensile

Features Liftable Extendables

Mobile leg with wheel

Extensible-countertop leveling