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  -  Bathroom   -  BALI bathroom furniture from NUOVVO®

The beauty of natural rattan

Photo: BALI bathroom furniture from NUOVVO® in quartz pink.


NUOVVO’s new suspended bathroom cabinet® combines the most traditional craftsmanship with the elegance of refined lines characteristic of the firm. Turn the bathroom into an attractive, avant-garde and natural space.

BALI stands out for its textured front, thanks to the integration of a natural rattan grid in its structure, design resource totally on trend for this 2020. Made with a material that makes the bathroom furniture an exclusive piece, which will bring a characteristic touch and will carry the bathroom in which it is located, being the center of all looks.

Photo: BALI bathroom furniture from NUOVVO® in white.


A practical and very functional bathroom furniture, thanks to its large storage capacity. It has a very studied design, its drawers with total extraction are very spacious and also has an interior drawer that distributes the space in the most optimal way. The firm has taken care of every last detail, finishing the interiors in black leather texture.

Photo: BALI bathroom furniture from NUOVVO® in silver grey.


The furniture BALI perfectly combines natural rattan with lacquered MDF in the 16 shades of the latest, available in the catalogue of NUOVVO®,which include shades as special as: chocolate, rose quartz, olive grey, pearl, ivory, wenge, or moka; not forgetting the most in-demand as are black and white.

It has rounded edges that fit perfectly with the worktop, the drawers with miter pull opening system, again have the quality of the Hettich guides and a cushioned closure, which makes the drawer close smoothly.

Photo: BALI bathroom furniture from NUOVVO®.


Its clean lines and without joints, make BALI a pristine bathroom cabinet, available in version of one and two modules, always with a height of 52 cm and a wide depth of 48 cm.

It also has the possibility of installing an auxiliary furniture with 95o opening, adjustment and integrated brake, with the same design, which completes the whole of the bathroom furniture, giving the possibility to create a harmonious composition.

Photo: BALI bathroom furniture from NUOVVO® in black.