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Haute Couture
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Haute Couture

Neutral colours, pure textures and a light-hearted distribution are the perfect ingredients for the design of the Haute Couture

bath designed by Carmen Barasona for Ramon Soler®, an ideal space with a sink area that we moves to an oasis of well-being.

An interior space dedicated to relaxation and personal care has to combine two fundamental factors: optimal distribution and quality parts. When it comes to the design of a bathroom, creating a harmony between all the elements that compose it is the key to success, for this occasion the designer made a spectacular distribution, where from any point of the environment you can enjoy the idyllic area of lavatorio.

Ramon Soler’s Haute Couture bath® stands out for the use of materials with a lot of character. The designer Carmen Barasona distributes the sink area on a large wall covered with elegant wallpaper, where an aged wooden countertop treated with specific products is placed to create a pickling effect.

The designer’s avant-garde character fits perfectly into the firm’s philosophy, and reflects this with the use of decorative elements that follow an eclectic and fresh line. A freshness that also takes you to the bathtub area, which has a style in which neutral tones fill it with tranquility.