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  -  Architecture   -  SONORA by Aparici, a collection of urban flooring and cladding
This collection is inspired by the brutalist architecture of Le Corbusier, where the beauty of bare concrete in the structures of buildings takes on special importance. Sonora de
applies the beauty of concrete for both the coatings and the pavements, both the floor and the wall give the feeling of being devoid of coating.


is a collection inspired by concrete and is based on brutalist architecture that opted to show the materials in ‘raw’, transferring to the buildings a sense of grandeur, typical of this style. The origins of the current are inspired by the icon of architecture, the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Raw concrete became a surprising material in the hands of this construction artist.

The charm of the past years and the modern demands of the most sophisticated decoration are reflected in the new Sonora collection, where the beauty of natural cement is recovered in a range of shades according to the needs of contemporary architecture.

Foto: Pavimento: Sonora Grey Natural_Sonora Blend Natural 99,55x99,55 cm-Sonora Blend Fez 44,63x119,3 cm Pavimento: Sonora Grey Natural 99,55x99,55 cm de Aparici.



The Sonora collection, inspired by worn cement, can be used for the floor and for the wall, with porcelain in the measures: 100x100cm, 50x100cm and 60x60cm; and for those who prefer to cover with ceramics, it is available in size: 45x120cm.

Among its finishes we find the relief of Sonora porosa 45×120 imitates a cement wall applied with toothed trowel, which gives it an absolute rotundity and an unparalleled beauty in the walls.

Both the flooring and the cladding are presented in square, rectangular format, and it is also available in traditional mosaic and triangular mosaic version, for areas where you want to create dynamism and innovation.


Foto: Revestimientos y Pavimentos colección Sonora de Aparici.


Finishes and tonalities

The Sonora series in its porcelain version, is available in three different shades: Sonora White Natural, is the design with lighter tones, typical of clean white cement and full of luminosity. Sonora Blend Natural, combines tonalities that create contrasts between them to fill the room with character. And finally, Sonora Grey Natural in darker colors, reflecting the state of the cement over time.


All in natural finish and inspired by the materiality and small imperfections of concrete, but with the great advantage of being a rectified bicoction porcelain, which provides great hardness, resistance and easy maintenance.

For the coatings, the Sonora series by Aparici also has special designs such as the Graffiti Ornament model, capable of giving any room a distinctive seal completely to match any other model of the same series. We also find the tiles in the colors White, Grey and Blend with a wavy relief finish that flat toothed applied to the cements.


Foto: Revestimiento: Sonora Graffiti Ornament 44,63x119,3 cm. Pavimento: Sonora White Natural 99,55x99,55 cm


Technical features

Collection: SONORA

Maker: Aparici

Design: Own team

Material: Porcelain rectified bicoction & Ceramics of White Paste rectified bicoction.





Sonora White Natural

Sonora White Fez

Sonora Blend Natural

Sonora Blend Fez

Sonora Grey Natural

Sonora Grey Fez

Sonora Graffiti Ornament