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Elegance in geometry


presents Art-Deco,a complete collection of pavements and coatings inspired by the geometry and golden tones of the Art Deco style. A collection that stands out for its elegance in its geometric motifs.


Aparici Ceramics represents the highest quality of manufacture with innovative and unique designs. Aparici’s premium porcelain and ceramic coatings act as a driving force for industry-wide developments and trends and are present around the world.


The twentieth century left us the legacy of
the Art Deco
style, and today it remains a source of inspiration for an original and luxurious look indoors. Art Deco

was a very decorative style, therefore, its emphasis is not on the functionality of objects but on decoration and aesthetic elements.

This style was characterized by being refined, elegant and sensual. And it also related to the time that made a step towards technical modernization.

Photo:Art-Deco White Spritz Natural Coating by Aparici

This style was also captivated by ancient Egypt and by the models of ancient Rome and classical Greece, with its imposing columns and rich materials, in short, for everything that was different and exotic.

Art Deco

was propelled by the wealthiest classes, but later adopted without problems the most popular taste, as a characteristic style that evoked opulence and splendor.

It is a style that lies between the past and the future, fascinated by technology, machinery and speed. Strict black and white is common in his interior design samples, but also the colorist explosion.


The Art-Deco flooring and coating collection is available in black and white in the 30x30cm format. Four different patterns are offered, within the same style, combinable with the monocolor bases in black and white. It is played with geometric shapes, with lines and angles, with mass and symmetry, which are used as constant values.

The firm’s new collection provides a refined and nuanced look capable of filling and paving the most demanding projects and creating unique spaces that shine with their own light. Its four designs, with reflections in golden tones, are ideal for decorating avant-garde interior walls and floors in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even stairs.

Photo: Bathroom coated and paved with the Art-Deco collection of Aparici. In the shower area, walls lined with

Art-Deco White Spritz Natural by Aparici. Closet interior with Art-Deco Black Manhattan Natural.

It also has complementary pieces such as skirting and steps. Unique parts with excellent technical performance and quality assurance. The firm thinks of every last detail to captivate the most exclusive spaces.

Photo: Restaurant lined with Art-Deco White Daiquiri Natural and White Negroni Natural by Aparici

The most renowned interior designers add to this latest trend so sophisticated and elegant, including the Art Deco style in their projects. A safe bet, which leaves no one indifferent.