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  -  Architecture   -  Nuovvo® MIO bathroom furniture wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2021
Nuovvo® has been awarded in the product category with the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 Award, internationally recognized as a seal of excellence in design.

MIO he is proclaimed the winner of a DESIGN AWARD 2021 from an international jury of 98 prestigious design experts from more than 20 countries.

The bathroom furniture of the leading manufacturer of resin products and mineral loads, stands out for being the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. MIO is a suspended bathroom furniture that reflects the elegance of the firm creating a modern stay thanks to its soft shapes designed to reduce the furniture to its minimum expression. Its sinuous and careful curves bring originality and harmony to the whole.

The worktop fits the millimeter with little gaskets, thus unifying the design and making it an exclusive and visually pristine piece. Seen from the front we barely notice a thin vertical line in the center that separates both drawers, since the edges are hidden behind a soft curve on the sides, as well as the mitered woodshed to open the drawers that we find at the bottom. One more example of that passion for the details that make Nuovvo® a reference company in design and innovation.

The firm is extremely proud to have surpassed the fierce competition of this edition of the awards, where almost 10,000 references from 52 countries competed to achieve the desired distinctiveness and seal of excellence of excellence in design.

Photo: MiO bathroom furniture from Nuovvo® awarded the iF Design Award 2021 in the product discipline.

And if that’s not the firm’s Bali bathroom furniture, it was also among the finalists of this 2021 iF Design Award in the Product discipline. Bali combines the most traditional craftsmanship with the elegance of clean lines making the bathroom an attractive, avant-garde and natural space.