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  -  Sin categorizar   -  New polished AZUVI finish for the Aran series

High-gloss surface

AZUVI Expand its Aran porcelain collection with the new polished finish, high brightness, offering an incomparable presence. Seemingly delicate but surprisingly resistant, so is the new porcelain with polished finish of AZUVI .

The application of innovative production techniques, in response to high professional demand, has resulted in this extraordinary finish, ideal for achieving sensational uniform surfaces.

A new option to keep in mind in the most demanding projects. It allows to enhance the color and texture, giving a mirror effect to the surface and enhancing the luminosity and amplitude of all kinds of spaces.

The signature presents the new texture of immaculate elegance, the high brightness. This is a visibly delicate finish, however it is provided by a material of the most resistant.

Manufactured in colored mass with a thickness of 9.5 mm,it becomes a single piece for pavements and coatings,available in 60×120 cm format x 24″x48″-Rc- G-650.

The new polished finish is available in all three shades of the Aran series: Aran Lightgrey Polished, Aran Grey Polished and Aran Polished Darkgrey. Ideal finish for interior paving, it provides us with rectified porcelain surfaces, with non-repetitive and detonified images.

On the Aran series, we find three shades of gray shades being Aran Darkgrey the darkest and Aran Lightgrey the lightest, having Aran Grey an intermediate tone. A series with a greyish base inspired by stone and with a white veining, which combined with the polishing shine creates an extraordinary result providing cleanliness and visual lightness.

Photo: From left to right Aran Darkgrey Polished, Aran Grey Polished and Aran Lightgrey Polished by Azuvi


We achieve bright textures, with mirror effect that stand out for their brightness and softness ahead of their veined appearance.

Technical Features

Aran Polished


Design:AZUVI Team

Finishes: Aran Lightgrey Polished, Aran Grey Polished and Aran Darkgrey Polished


  • 60×120 cm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24″x48″-Rc- G-650