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Ares comes from the natural evolution of an outdoor luminaire manufacturing company existing on the international market since 1980. From the beginning, Ares is committed to reflecting the constant evolution of the outdoor lighting sector, offering innovative, high quality and sophisticated lighting products, manufactured with noble materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel and Glass. Each creation is a challenge: to understand, analyze and project to achieve the harmony and fusion of structure, light, architecture and environment. Ares soon recognized the potential of LED light sources, aiming to offer accessories with high efficiency, lower power consumption and with a constant focus on environmental protection. Currently, Ares’ production facilities cover an area of more than 12,000 m2, including the research and development department, testing laboratories and a paint and coating system based on advanced technology. In 2010, the Aresled division was created, comprising an automatic assembly line for circuit boards and a production department for wiring and assembly. The constant desire to grow has made Ares a reference company in the sector, exporting its products worldwide and targeting a broad target of consumers who are increasingly aware of the many benefits associated with a Comfortable, safe and efficient lighting.