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Block & Bath
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Block & Bath

The centerpiece of Block & Bath is a set of square volumes that provoke harmony and order. With straight lines, a clean and minimalist design, we get the balance. All the elements of the project have been searched straight lines (WC, bidet, bathtub, shower trays, sink). All faucets (including the pass-through keys) are right angles. To continue this project line of square shapes, there is nothing better than covering some of the mosaic walls. We play with the mosaic to line some of the walls in the sink area, and we welcome a large wall lined with mosaic in sparkling metallic tones, exclusive design of Carmen Barasona. In addition a custom mirror is created designed by Carmen Barasona, to play with straight lines and movement.

The use of black and white duality throughout its range up to greys and silvers is key to achieving an exclusive minimalist aesthetic. A set of contrasts is sought in the color gamut with touches of light in chrome elements such as taps and silver coatings.