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  -    -    -  FLAGSHIP STORE in Barcelona

Work and design FLAGSHIP STORE by Ramon Soler in Barcelona

Work and interior design by BARASONA Design and Communication, the flagship store invites you to discover the wide catalog of taps by Ramón Soler®, through an experiential course in which design and water are protagonists.

The space is equipped with a large multipurpose exhibition area, where its distribution can be adapted for an event or event, a more intimate space with a round table of meetings, a reception area and customer service, and lastly, and most importantly, , exclusive water areas where we can see the spectacular taps of the firm in operation.

The presence of water is a fundamental element that makes this space the perfect showcase for the firm. The interior of the flagship store completes the visitor’s experience with two areas where water marks the innovative character of the firm,a washbasin area and a spectacular HYDROTHERAPY area with the most sprinkler models surprising signature.

A space in which exposed brick walls, high ceilings, large windows and exposed pipes come in connection with pristine finishes, perfect volumes and inspiring areas dedicated to water for sink and shower with all the benefits of wellness. The common thread of the space is the use of materials, colors and textures that give it a minimalist and elegant aesthetic.