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Puma Group
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Grupo Puma is a group of specialized companies in the world of construction. Their more than twenty-five years of experience and dedication in the sector allows them to offer a wide range of products of exceptional and recognized quality, the result of a careful study of their components and qualities. Thanks to this they launch products whose value for money is excellent.

Grupo Puma has twenty-one production and distribution centers located throughout the Spanish geography, two in Algeria, one in France, one in Morocco, one in Costa Rica and two in Portugal, equipped with the most advanced technology, to give the best coverage and service to our range of products.

With a production capacity of more than 1,000,000 tons/year, Grupo Puma is consolidated as the largest mortar manufacturer in Spain.

Their experience, quality of service and vision for the future, encourage them to move forward day by day to achieve new goals in their goal of achieving products of unbeatable quality.