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RS Space Premium Spaces for Ramon Soler
  -    -  RS Space Premium Spaces for Ramon Soler

RS Space Premium Spaces for Ramon Soler

We design RS Space Premium spaces by Ramon Soler®,these spaces offer a unique brand image, a concept capable of moving to all corners of the world. The essence of RS Space Premium is born in the headquarters of Barcelona and expands to the best showrooms and outlets, with high doses of elegance and exclusivity. White predominates, reinforcing purity, light and elegance.

RS Space Premium is tailored according to the space where you want to be located. Custom modules will be manufactured for the exhibition of taps and premium islands shower and display systems, which are exempt displays, available in four different formats. An island is synonymous with luxury and differentiation, that’s why we are inspired by its exclusivity and presents a groundbreaking design for the Rs Space Premium Islands. These are exhibitors designed by cubic compositions coated in black and white. These compositions create a visual game between solid volumes that find surprising harmony.