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  -  Sin categorizar   -  This autumn renews outdoor wooden pallets with BONA

An outdoor wooden platform is constantly subjected to weatherwear: intense sun, rain or snow. With autumn comes the time to repair and prepare the wooden floors outdoors and for this Bon presents Bona Decking System: a quick and comfortable solution with two unique cleaning processes and in-depth protection.

A new dimension in pallet recovery

Have you ever had problems with the end result due to poor preparation? Do you remember the struggle with the brushes and the pain of arms? Bona Decking System makes the job easier and helps you achieve a great result with a fast and ergonomic process of just three steps.

In-depth cleaning and preparation

Bona Decking System consists of the innovative Bona PowerScrubber and the extraordinary Bona Deep Clean Solutioncleaning solution, which guarantee an efficient cleaning process before oiling.

The exclusive Bona Decking System thoroughly cleans the wooden floor in the vein direction to ensure complete removal of dust and algae. The effective cleaning achieved by Bona PowerScrubber penetrates deep into the fibers of the wood.

Bona offers the highest quality in this process, as it differs from the circular brushing offered by normal high-pressure cleaners, which do not clean as thoroughly and also leave spinning marks.


A durable and beautiful protection with Bona Decking Oil.

Bona Decking Oil in an oil that keeps the outdoor pallets as new. It penetrates deep into the wood and offers superb protection to the outdoor pallets all year round. The new formula greatly improves the protective properties of the oil. The platform will crack much less, it will be more protected against discolouration by UV rays and water will not filter.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide coverage and quick drying
  • Prevents cracks and discoloration from UV rays

Step by step with health and the environment in mind

All Bona solutions have been developed with their health and environmental sustainability in mind. Whether you are a professional who uses our products or have soils treated with Bona products at home, your health and safety are your priority.

The cleaning machine; Bona PowerScrubber has an ergonomic design that allows it to be used comfortably with smooth movements all over the floor. Bona Deep Clean Solution and Bona Decking Oil are low in volatile organic compounds and low odor.

The firm recommends the following 6 steps to follow to get a nice outdoor platform:

  • Clean the pallet with clear water using a hose.
  • Fill the Bona PowerScrubber with Bona Deep Clean Solution mixed with clear water (dilution 1:5).
  • Pass Bona PowerScrubber in the direction of the wood grain.
  • When all dirt and algae have been removed, wash the pallet again with clean water.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Apply Bona Decking Oil using a brush.

Bonamakes it easy to renovate and protect outdoor wooden floors to get them prepared for the coldest days in autumn.