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Flower Power
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Flower Power

The Flower Power bathroom is located in a former palace in Madrid, a type of palace that inspires us. The idea starts with creating a bathroom consistent with the colorful and palatial style of the building, but providing a fresh, contemporary and elegant air. The colour palette is inspired by the building’s facade.

The result is a bath surrounded by flowers, a positive and colorful bath in which the neutral tones with explosive oranges and greens stand out, and in which the elegance and timelessness that are the imprint of Carmen Barasona’s projects are not lost.

Flower Power, inspired by flowers, full of a natural elegance to the main bathroom of the Palace and becomes an explosion of color in an avant-garde, positive and romantic atmosphere. The whole project revolves around the flowers: Flowers in a mosaic mural on the wall, flowers in decorated sinks, flowers on the wall, photographs of flowers framed in paintings, bouquets of wild flowers…