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In this sophisticated bathroom we live a nature invented to recover the natural rhythm of things. With our proposal we offer a different bathroom that does not give up sophistication respecting energy and water savings. A space in which you get sensory luxury.

The challenge of this space was that it was located in an interior space without any window and that is why we created a three-dimensional visual effect of interior courtyard. To do this, a large backlit glass was made with strip of LEDs and spotlights, marking the silhouettes and the color of the leaves and we managed to recreate the depth and light of a natural space that was non-existent.

And in the face of the frequent question… Bath or Shower?… we answer: MINIPOOLS illuminated with underwater spotlights where we can choose between giving ourselves a shower with the fine rain or in a spectacular waterfall.

The mixture of textures and materials such as steel, glass or wood coexist in the same space in harmony. NEONATURALEZA evokes nature in a unique way.