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Single Suite
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Single Suite

Suite Single is an experimental suite, where the bathroom absorbs almost completely the bedroom, and a new concept is created. Respecting the building’s own virtues creates an elegant and innovative atmosphere, a game of reflections. The center of the space is the shaft and a mirror island, hides a bed and shows a sink and a work area.

Origami waterfall, waterfall of water and the most advanced technologies manage to create an evocative dream of sensations, domotizing aromas, sounds and light.

Suite Single is a sustainable project, it is innovative and experimental but without falling into coldness. One of the key points of the project is the incorporation of origami in decoration, being ephemeral, feminine and taking weight away from the rest of the elements of the room. The colors are based on the balance of materials and color: cold duality – hot, stone tones and cozy.

It uses set of mirrors, mosaic, paper and natural aromas.