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  -  Architecture   -  2015 trends for bathrooms

In home décor the same thing happens as in fashion, trends evolve. Styles, colors, accessories and materials are renewed to suit the current needs and tastes of society. If you are passionate about interior design, read on because you will know what are the new trends for the bathroom this 2015.

Wood and pure white is still present this year among trends in bathrooms. The use of natural elements and indoor plants give a sense of nature and balance. If you hit the right materials, you’ll get that warm, welcoming atmosphere to take advantage of those moments of natural pleasure in your bathroom.

Another clear trend of this 2015 is vintage fashion. The current decoration escapes the purist, and gives us the possibility to create differentiated spaces. This 2015 trend is creative and we must combine avant-garde pieces with objects with history. In this way, we can find contemporary pieces such as minimalist taps with vintage accessories, such as aged leather armchairs, pickled chests of drawers, flea market mirrors… this 2015 dare with everything!