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Stainless steel is an elegant and attractive looking material that is molded and handled with high-tech systems allows to achieve a perfect finish respecting the properties of the steel, its brightness and reflections. Combined with a reinforcement of high strength and stability to deformations and expansions, INBECAcreates a vessel of perfect sealing and firmness. Thanks to this system, the firm has managed to carry

This year starlite 2016 featured the creative direction of the architecture studio Ruiz Velázquez, who invites Carmen Barasona to create a louge VIP terrace in Starlite 2016. The designer Carmen Barasona creates a unique, functional and inspiring space where the attendees of Starlite Marbella 2016 can enjoy good music, spectacular views and good design. Starlite Marbella is the reference social and cultural meeting in Europe

The sauna that joins minimalist architecture and maximum relaxation The frenetic pace of cities creates a non-stop lifestyle from which we run away when we have a space of time. To give us the relaxation and well-being our body and mind needs, INBECA Wellness Equipment presents the KUBIKoutdoor sauna. Kubik it is the outdoor sauna design at its best, it is designed to stay

A wooden floor in hotels is a good thing if we apply the right treatments and if we perform a subsequent maintenance with quality products. Bona,a specialist in wooden floors since 1919, is a pioneer in preparing and maintaining wooden floors in public and private spaces. The firm offers a lifetime commitment to a wooden floor and this is a guarantee for hoteliers. When designing

Rapid and effective renovation of outdoor pallets The professional way to renovate outdoor pallets It is now time for outdoor pallet renovations and BONA,as a specialist in the maintenance of wooden floors, offers a cleaning machine that attaches to a powerful cleaner, prepares the floor before oiling. An outdoor platform is always subject to different elements of the weather, including severe sun rays, heavy rain and

For these dates we start spending hours outdoors, it's up to us to choose the outdoor lighting. Task that is not something simple and easy, because when choosing there are a wide variety of models, styles and types of lighting. Therefore, important aspects should be considered before choosing a particular product. Lighting must serve a dual function: aesthetic and practical. Pujol Iluminación proposes its Apollo