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  -  Architecture   -  Carmen Barasona designs the VIP Lounge Terrace at Starlite Marbella 2016
This year starlite 2016 featured the creative direction of the architecture studio Ruiz Velázquez, who invites Carmen Barasona to create a louge VIP terrace in Starlite 2016.

The designer Carmen Barasona creates a unique, functional and inspiring space where the attendees of Starlite Marbella 2016 can enjoy good music, spectacular views and good design.

Starlite Marbella is the reference social and cultural meeting in Europe and this year will celebrate its fifth edition in the quarry of Marbella, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by greenery. Starlite combines music with haute cuisine, movie premieres, fashion shows, art exhibitions and the most exclusive summer parties, held every night in Starlite Night.

Under an avant-garde approach, Carmen Barasona conceptualizes a leisure space where the exclusive design and nature of the site come together, forming a unique, functional and inspiring space.

The designer reflects on the long times we spent in the public baths to retouch our makeup and hairstyle. The designer thinks of turning this action into a natural and sexy fact, without having to go away and without having to hide. A vanity outside a public terrace or a nightclub is an innovative concept that seeks to move to the outside elements that conventionally do not leave our interior spaces. With an outdoor vanity it provides spontaneity, thus inviting the viewer to relax and enjoy the small details.

The VIP Lounge Terrace is divided into two areas that are unify at an aesthetic level forming a unique, functional and inspiring space.

Z ona L ounge

An area with a generous distribution where the assistant can relax and have a drink while enjoying the atmosphere created through shapes, textures and colors. In this environment, which has starry sky as a roof, COMESA CARMELA,a complete collection of sofas, armchairs and puff designed by Carmen Barasona for the new series of sofas designed by Ecus.

CARMELA is inspired by the public transport seats of the 1960s, a wonderful mix of polyhedic lines and wraparound shapes.

One of the most appreciated values of CARMELA is the versatility in terms of combination of its textiles, being able to choose between different finishes such as velvet or Jacquard. In addition, its legs are made of oak and ash wood with a metal cap to choose between a gold or silver finish to enhance its elegance. If desired, they are also available in turquoise or lime green lacquered, in conjunction with the upholstery.

The sofas are distributed on spectacular carpets of the brand KP “Las marismas” in bluish tones. The quality of its spectacular fabric contrasts with the center tables, made of solid wood lacquered in gold, created exclusively for the event by Grupo Ingetura.

To illuminate the area have been distributed the sculptural outdoor lamps ONA and BAT of MILAN Lighting that bathe the terrace of a unique character, for the aesthetics of its shapes and the pleasant light that they emit.

Z one of T otator

Under an original idea of transporting elements of the interior to the outside, an area is created where you can enjoy a conceptual vanity. Carmen Barasona reflects on the importance of valuing the small details of everyday life and makes a finished vanity in grey ref design. F067 TF finish by Innovus® and equipped with the DO collection of electrical mechanisms of Fontini by Font Barcelona,in which it creates a sink area with the new built-in rs-Cross faucet by Ramon Soler®.

A space where attendees can even be retouched by looking in a large mirror! To illuminate the vanity area, Pujol Lighting’s ever-special MASAI outdoor luminaire creates an urban light that bathes the entire space.

An atmosphere of geometric lines, combination of colors and textures that result in a relaxed atmosphere but with cheerful character. Summer moves to the Vip Terrace of Starlite Marbella 2016.


ECUS (Ecus Contract Rest Systems and Sofas)

Ramon Soler (Griferías)

Font Barcelona (Electrical Mechanisms)

Pujol Lighting


MILAN Lighting


Ingetura Group