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Aparici presents a complete series of porcelain pavements with the new thickness of 2cm, ideal for outdoors, including elevated pavements. 2CM OUTDOOR.- The new thickness of 2 centimeters is ideal for exterior pavements, including over-the-top pavements. Resistant to wear, sudden changes in temperature, loads and solicitations, its 2CM porcelain is suitable for placement on terraces and balconies, as well as for paths in outdoor

Cancio innovate relentlessly to offer the best finishes along with the best design. For this reason, he now offers his collections with vinyl textiles treated against bacteria, abrasion and stains. CANCIO works with a new treatment in its vinyl textiles, which provides proven efficiency against bacteria and stains, in this way they offer innovative and unbeatable upholstery in their collections of chairs

Project: Tzar de Ramon Soler Bath® Author and Execution of Work: Sia Biosca. Barcelona (Spain) Location: Sia Biosca. Barcelona (Spain) Date: 2020 Photograph: Stella Rotger Styling and art direction: Carmen Barasona   The design has evolved towards the needs of people, both aesthetically and functionally. Entering a bathroom like this, implies a moment of well-being like no other, it is an avant-garde bathroom, tidy, clean and surprising. When you enter,

The perfection of textured ceramics The textile invites to the warm touch and presents a perfect natural beauty, something that AZUVI reflects with its collection of CANVAS&TWEEDcoatings. CANVAS&TWEED is a collection that reproduces two textures in matte finish: the simplicity of the canvas in its CANVAS version and a tapestry in its TWEEDversion. Designed exclusively for coating, it is the ideal choice for spaces that