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  -  Architecture   -  SUTTON by Aparici, a porcelain collection inspired by exclusive stones
The new collection of SUTTON porcelain flooring and coatings from
, transmits the natural wear and tear suffered by the most special stones over time.

Porcelain tiles inspired by the natural elegance of the stones are in trend, for their perfect adaptation to contemporary architecture and interior design. His veined drawings vary from fine to thick veins, providing dynamism and fluidity as a whole harmonic. In this collection each piece has its own character, like a work of art made by nature.

This marbled collection is available in three different finishes. The Vagli finish is the most daring of the collection, a finish that contrasts the white background with the veining in the most vivid colors of natural stones, such as purple and ochre. The Savoie finish has a more neutral tone in gray colors with abundant texturing and veining. And finally, the Piasentina finish, presents a darker gray background with less veining, but more contrasted, being veins in white.

Photo: Sutton Piasentina flooring and cladding in Aparici.

In the SUTTON series, we observe how the delicate nuances of marble and the chromatic depth are reproduced and perfected in porcelain, and the irregular arrangement of the veins generates a dynamic atmosphere within its elegance.



collection has two textures in all its models. On the one hand, the natural texture, and on the other hand the new lappato texture, synchronized with its graphic by zones, where the material is perceived more natural if possible.

The porcelain of the SUTTON collection is a material that stands out for its exceptional hardness, its coordinated lappato texture, replicates that wear by areas that natural stone has.

This collection seeks to express the natural wear and tear suffered by the stones over time, caused by climate changes and erosions suffered by the stone in nature and that causes different intensity of brightness to occur.

The surface has an appearance of natural luxury, for the feeling of elegance and character that it generates, but at the same time preserves the natural appearance of the stones, creating dreamy environments.

Photo: Sutton Savoie natural pavement from Aparici

Finally, SUTTON offers different formats. It is available in all its finishes and textures in large square format of 99.55 x 99.55cm, square format of 59.55 x 59.55cm and rectangular format of 49.75 x 99.55cm. It is also presented in decorative formats such as arabesque mosaic and traditional mosaic. And of course, it has complementary pieces such as skirting boards and steps.

Photo: From left to right. : Sutton Vagli 99.55 x 99.55cm; Sutton Piasentina mosaic; and Sutton Savoie arabesque mosaic by Aparici.


Undoubtedly, SUTTON is the ideal collection for the most demanding spaces, which seek excellence in finishes.


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