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Living matter transformed into elegance Finishes are essential to achieve results that really make a difference in the interior design of a space. Exclusivity and customization are two great concepts that Font Barcelonbrings together. The firm combines latest trend design, high quality finishes and the possibility to install fully customizable parts. On this occasion, the firm presents MORE,the result of the collaboration of the architecture

The suspension luminaire that combines geometry, durability and design A suspension luminaire that inspires us, amuses us and delights us with its geometric aesthetic. And there are trends that are eternal and the sphere is one of them. Pujol Iluminación reinvents the iconic luminaire organically that reigns in minimalist environments and creates the BOLAceiling lamp. Photo: Pujol's BOLA Suspension Luminaire Lighting BolabyPujol Iluminaciónis a spherical piece that

CRAFTSMANSHIP, NATURAL MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTIVE DETAIL Based in Barcelona and with more than 60 years of experience, Font Group is a family group specialized in the design and manufacture of high-end decorative electrical mechanisms. It has two brands, Font Barcelona and Fontini, which combine tradition and quality. Its DO collectionis inspired by the traditional Garby rotary switches while updating its design, achieving a minimalist

Large doses of design for the most clean spaces One of the defining features of the minimalist style is its extreme simplicity. Pujol Lightingcombines the shapes, neutral colors and pure lines to create IRIS,a wall lamp with large doses of design that flawlessly illuminates the most refined spaces. Developed by the Team of Pujol Iluminacion, it is

Understood circumference as synonymous with perfection, curved lines evoke infinity, thus provoking feelings of harmony and well-being. Pujol Iluminación presents its new CIRCULARcollection, through which it provides the necessary balance for any room. The design belongs to AGGO Design Studio,an agency specialized in industrial design with offices in New York and Barcelona, from where they base all their ideas on improving the human factor. CIRCULAR

Signaling contract. Pujol Iluminaciónis a company that has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of contemporary design luminaires. Founded in 1978, it has managed to be one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting sector for the design and quality of its products, and for the excellent relationship with its customers and its clear international vocation. The firm, a leader in the

Variety of colors in a suspension luminaire Pujol Lighting with more than 40 years of experience in the lighting sector by the design and quality of its products. This time he presents his new BOINAcollection, a collection of suspension lamps with a wide range of colors designed by designer Nacho Timon. BOINA is characteristic for its rounded shapes and its fun and very

Font Barcelona innovates in the concept of electrical mechanisms, in which functionality is no longer only sought but is sought a jewel of impeccable design with the highest integrated technology. This time, we are surprised by the Brushed Graphite Brass finish for BRIDGE, a collection of electrical mechanisms of architectural and minimalist design that plays with light creating chiaroscuros. The Brushed Graphite Brass finish

The most exclusive appliques in the most innovative finishes The lamps are luminaires that help to create environments, exclusive pieces that bring a design plus to the room in which they are still functional. The collection of ARCOS appliques of Pujol Lighting surprises us with its new and exclusive industrial finishes such as rust brown, matt nickel and leather finish, which add to