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  -  Architecture   -  Font Barcelona collaborates in three spaces at Casa Decor
Virginia Albuja, Marta Labrador and Estudio Muher choose Font Barcelona mechanisms for their projects in their 30th Edition

After its inauguration, on April 7, Casa Decor in its 30th anniversary once again becomes the unmissable event for lovers of decoration, and this time, several of the most outstanding spaces shine with the most avant-garde collections of Font Barcelona.

Font Barcelona
, a reference brand in the sector, equips three spaces in Casa Decor:

Space 27 by Sergio Luppi, design by Virginia Albuja: “My commitment this year for Casa Decor 2022 is based on creating a new concept that revolves around wellness Bath for wellness lovers who connect with the experience of enjoying personal, emotional and spiritual care in a unique environment where contrast, design and functionality are protagonists. The selection of colors has been a strong point in the project. Despite the contrast, they work perfectly and create a cozy, warm and pleasant space. Prolonging the moment of enjoyment for oneself, and not limiting the stay to daily hygiene, turning the bathroom into a haven of peace is the purpose of this new concept.

The choice of mechanisms has been an important point, betting on the “Made in Spain”

Font Barcelona offers us customized mechanisms, made of noble materials such as brass, with a black finish. The mechanisms chosen are the Bridge collection with brushed graphite brass plates and black nickel hands: the chosen key conveys subtlety, elegance and sophistication, a key point in our project.”

Undoubtedly a very special and particular bet of the interior designer.

Foto: Espacio de Sergio Luppi en Casa Decor 2022 by Virginia Albuja.
Colección mecanismos Bridge de Font Barcelona.

Marta Labrador’s space 38 chooses font Barcelona’s electrical mechanisms to equip its space: pushbuttons with graphite finished brass plates, a wise choice to create an atmosphere of chiaroscuro in its attic room. A space that is defined by a poetic language in a contemporary framework.

Foto: Espacio de Marta Labrador en Casa Decor 2022. Pulsadores de Font Barcelona, con placas de latón grafito.

And finally, it does not leave anyone indifferent the original Space 51 of Estudio Muher is a suite of experiences and textures that are in nature. They propose a concept integrated into architecture. All noble materials such as marble, wood or linen are accommodated to dump the interior to the outside. Through the mirrors in the gaps of the façade they enhance the luminosity. The mechanisms used are the 5.1 collection with satin gold brass plates + golden hands. This choice gives luminosity and elegance to the project. And it is completed with control mechanisms, USB charging bases and power bases, all from Font Barcelona.

Foto: Espacio de Estudio Muher en Casa Decor 2022. Colección de mecanismos de Font Barcelona,
con placas de latón dorado satinado y manecillas doradas.