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Now available in three new finishes of the most sophisticated, chrome, satin copper and matt gold. Geometry and color, two nouns that complement each other perfectly and become the perfect combination if completed with lighting. To this composition responds in the best way, the suspension luminaires of the TOMAS collection of Pujol Iluminacion. TOMAS,is a collection inspired by the perfect volume of the pyramid, its

We enjoy the water in full color to stimulate our senses. Ramon Soler®puts at our disposal one of the biggest jewels in its hydrotherapy catalog: REKLEDN570 Head Shower with Chromotherapy; a solution designed to bring us that peace and feeling of comfort that we need so much now. These are difficult times of confinement, in which we can feel stressed, sad or nervous. Therefore,

Taking care of yourself while you rest is your biggest goal. Hydra+, arises from the application to the technology fabrics that already apply in the cosmetic and food world, and the result is the result of an innovation project armed by CDTI, and which was developed in collaboration with AITEX (Textile Technology Center) and Biópolis (Cosmetic Laboratory) and that we have carried out over

The Ethical collection by Ramon Soler® brings us a complete line of pieces designed especially for bathroom spaces. We find in it a minimalist design that at the same time seeks daring and freshness. Ramon Soler® Expands its ethical collection and presents us with the high-pipe ethical faucet, characterized by the combination of geometric shapes and curved lines in the same creation, always seeking