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  -  Uncategorized   -  Hydra+ by Senttix
Taking care of yourself while you rest is your biggest goal.

Hydra+, arises from the application to the technology fabrics that already apply in the cosmetic and food world, and the result is the result of an innovation project armed by CDTI, and which was developed in collaboration with AITEX (Textile Technology Center) and Biópolis (Cosmetic Laboratory) and that we have carried out over the last two years.

It is based on the widely accepted and widespread principle that a correct combination of probiotics and prebiotics (bifidobacterium is the name of those used in Hydra+) assures us a benefit on the skin, compensating for its PH and regulating its defense mechanisms, resulting in the reduction of visible signs of aging.

Hydra+,therefore, promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, so it also improves stressed skin and melanin formation.

One of the most interesting and differentiating issues with the other “ineffective” treatments sold is that Hydra+ probiotics are able to “migrate” from the mattress or pillow to the sheets, to the pyjamas and from there to the skin.

Every time you wash these tissues, the probiotics are eliminated, however, withHydra+ by Senttix they will be present again on the skin due to the mentioned capacity, ensuring that the effects will be beneficial for many years, comfortably and not. intrusive, and while sleeping peacefully.

The benefits tested in consumer panels and laboratory tests carried out by AITEX have given rise to the certificate we attach. Hydra+ has also been dermatologically tested by the Aitex Dermatological Unit.


Hydra Sprayer + 100 ml.-

Morgana and Quietude mattresses, Visionnaire and Allure toppers and VIT series pillows are loaded, at the time of manufacture, with probiotics through an intensive spurring process and in optimal drying and control conditions. At this time, approximately 5 Hydra+ spray refills are sped off. It is through this described process, that we guarantee that probiotics will stay on your mattress for a long time and that they will be able to migrate in large numbers to your skin.

However, probiotics are dying and disappearing, especially due to the process of washing sheets. It is therefore convenient to carry out a recharge, with an annual periodicity, that replenishes the initial number.

For this purpose there is the Hydra+ sprayer. Thus, about a year after a year, it is advisable to recharge your mattress with probiotics.

A small LED indicator that incorporates
products on its label, will turn red indicating the recharging recommendation, and for this there is the “recharge pack” Hydra+.

This pack contains a sprayer, which in a simple, fast and comfortable way, allows any Senttix customer to recharge the necessary probiotics in their own home and thereby recover 100 of the initial effect.

Click on the link below to watch explanatory video: