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  -  Bathroom   -  Ceiling Head Shower with Chromotherapy, nebulizer, waterfall and rain; Surrounding Pleasure by Ramon Soler®
We enjoy the water in full color to stimulate our senses.

Ramon Soler®puts at our disposal one of the biggest jewels in its hydrotherapy catalog: REKLEDN570 Head Shower with Chromotherapy; a solution designed to bring us that peace and feeling of comfort that we need so much now. These are difficult times of confinement, in which we can feel stressed, sad or nervous. Therefore, enjoying experiences that bring us well-being at home is more important than ever. Pampering ourselves will make us feel much stronger.

REKLEDN570 is made entirely of stainless steel and with an ultra slim minimalist design, 570x570mm square format and recessed ceiling mounting. However, what captivates us are its three water outlets: rain, waterfall and nebulizer. All of them accompanied by a set of LED lights, specially designed for chromotherapy systems, which allow us to wrap our bathroom with a chromatic glow and make the shower our best time of day, relaxing and stimulating all our senses.

This LED system, which completely surrounds the REKLEDN570 by Ramon Soler®head shower, offers all the benefits of chromotherapy, a concept of harmonization of body and mind that maintains that each of the colors of the chromatic wheel generates a series of energy stimuli, transmitting different sensations and emotions. For this reason, they are capable of influencing our state of mind and mental and physical well-being. For example, some of the most used, the blue or green tones, connect us directly with a feeling of tranquility and relaxation, as if we were walking along the shore of a calm beach or walking through the lush forest. Perhaps we also want to enjoy the stimulation and the positive effects that colors such as red or yellow give us, to start the day with energy and wanting to be productive, something very important to keep us in good spirits.

Chromotherapy alone brings great added value to the bathroom, but Ramon Soler®knows how to create highly positive sensory experiences and make the shower our best time of day. That’s why it incorporates three modes of water outlet to complete the pleasure of the shower: the rainwater outlet is projected with the maximum precision and constant distribution of water through each of the nozzles, guaranteeing a wide and uniform spray, for a fine but abundant water outlet with which to enjoy an extraordinary and pleasant rain, which It will also facilitate daily hygiene, with an abundant and quick rinse of the shampoo in hair and body.

It is complemented by a waterfall outlet. The effect of a waterfall in the middle of nature thanks to a free fall of water. The function that gives us the most vitality and energy, unmatched the sensation that it generates if we combine it with the selection of the color red. The pressure exerted by water has a positive effect on our body, since it stimulates circulation and reduces muscle contractures. Finally, a subtle mist that envelops and revitalizes us: The sprayer has four nebulizersthat release a fine mist, producing a sensation of freshness that caresses our skin, as if it were a Turkish bath.

The head shower includes a push-button control, which is recessed into the wall, through which the chromotherapy is activated, and the desired light color is chosen.

The opening of water requires the installation of a built-in tap, which can be both single-lever and thermostatic.

Of course, the firm does not neglect its commitment to the quality and durability of its products. That is why the REKLEDN570 head shower is made entirely of stainless steel – rust, wear, lime and seawater proof – and flexible anti-lime silicone nozzles.

Because quality must be preventive and perceptive at first glance andRamon Soler®achieves this by designing reliable and functional products and making sensory experiences that satisfy us, stimulate and comfort us whenever we need it.

Manufacturer: Industrias Ramon Soler, S.A.

Product: Hidrotherapy Square Head Shower with choromotherapy

Reference: REKLEDN570


Technical Characteristics:

  • Chromotherapy
  • Rain shower outlet
  • Waterfall outlet
  • Nebulizers
  • Stainless-steel
  • To recessed in the ceiling
  • Remote control included to activate the chromotherapy
  • 5 years guarantee in faucets and 2 years in accessories.


DURABILITY. Our sprinklers stand out for their great resistance since all their external components with wear and tear are metallic, which allows great durability over time.

ANTI-LIMESCALE. Our sprinklers feature flexible silicone nozzles thanks to which lime and impurities are easily neglected, even by rubbing with your fingers. Ramon Soler® uses top quality, wear-resistant nozzles, making the sprayer better maintained and 100% reliable in operation. Long good maintenance prevents technical incidents.