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The simplicity and essence of the switch with an incomparable and renewed image The industrial style was born with the transfer of industries to the outskirts of the city, a lot of ships, factories and warehouses were left empty. In these buildings, young people began to be installed who transformed these spaces into housing. At this time of transition was born the concept of loft,totally

CANCIO, the furniture manufacturer Contract with more than 60 years of experience, presents the PARIS lamp. It is simple lines and Scandinavian inspiration designed to illuminate in any domestic project or Contract. DESIGN.- The pleasant PARIS lamp combines functionality with modernity covering people's physical and emotional needs as it conveys serenity and comfort. This design is part of an artisanal philosophy that escapes the industrial

70 years leading craftsmanship in the sector In a company dominated by mass-produced products, the firm FONTINI stands out, which, true to its essence, continues to manufacture its products by hand. In this way you get products of high quality and design that transmit soul and character. Aware of the importance of the quality of the material with which it works and the need

Now available in three new finishes of the most sophisticated, chrome, satin copper and matt gold. Geometry and color, two nouns that complement each other perfectly and become the perfect combination if completed with lighting. To this composition responds in the best way, the suspension luminaires of the TOMAS collection of Pujol Iluminacion. TOMAS,is a collection inspired by the perfect volume of the pyramid, its

When designing a Contract space we not only have to worry about creating a space that guarantees maximum comfort for people, but it is essential to get a space that gives off a unique and exclusive image. Environment of design and perfect functionality, are the two most important ingredients of a Contract project. SUAU de Pujol Lighting,a wall lamp of perfect lines, brings together

The sphere is still present in design, because there are trends that are eternal. Pujol Illumination reinvents the iconic spherical-shaped luminaire that features minimalist ambiances and creates the BOLAceiling lamp. BOLA de Pujol Illumination is a spherical piece that not only meets the technical requirements presented by lighting projects, but also decorates the environments giving them a design look. Its chic yet elegant aesthetic makes

  Fontini wears black charcoal the DOcollection : the avant-garde in an electrical mechanism. DO is a reinterpretation of the electric porcelain mechanism with rotary function so characteristic of Fontini. Its minimalist image makes it a delight for the eye. Its aesthetic is timeless and fits into projects of different styles, giving them a differentiating air. The collection has two versions: for surface or recessed installation, always