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  -  Architecture   -  Fontini Dimbler, new metallic finishes
The simplicity and essence of the switch with an incomparable and renewed image

The industrial style was born with the transfer of industries to the outskirts of the city, a lot of ships, factories and warehouses were left empty. In these buildings, young people began to be installed who transformed these spaces into housing.

At this time of transition was born the concept of loft,totally open spaces with very high ceilings, large windows, concrete floors and iron beams. But the industrial style goes beyond lofts. And now what we have left is its essence. It is its characteristic features that we adapt to the interiors to maintain the industrial look.

An urban look that also makes room in contemporary cottages or rustics. Rather, we could talk about an eclectic style. Since it is a timeless look very demanded to this day, it can combine a rustic wooden table, with an iron beam and a wall of work seen, without any stridentity.

Within this look perfectly fits Fontini’s Dimbler collection

of electrical mechanisms. And now, moreover, a wide range of metallic finishes are offered that make it irresistible. Dimbler returns us to times when switches began to populate homes, but providing quality and safety that was once never possible. Conceived as a mechanism of timely and individual use, it allows us to recover the essence of the past with the safety, design and performance of the present.

A timeless switch, consisting of a body, dome and hand. It is offered with 100% porcelain body that can be white or black, here we find its most artisanal detail. And for its dome made entirely of brass, there are six new metallic finishes: satin gold, satin skate, glossy chrome, gloss copper, satin nickel, black nickel.

It boasts a sober aesthetic, which fits perfectly into the most industrial design spaces and with the simple movement of a finger, raising and lowering the brass hand effortlessly, we turn the light on and off.

Dimbler has been designed as a decoration complement, and now thanks to its new metallic finishes, it makes all the difference. The new colors are the perfect detail for industrial architecture, where you want to contrast and provide strong finishes.

If you want your interior to breathe an industrial look, you can not miss Dimbler manufactured with the best qualities and with the guarantee of Fontini.


Model:Dimbler mechanism

Design:Fontini Team


Mechanism: white porcelain, black porcelain.

Brass Dome :satin gold, satin skate, gloss chrome, gloss copper, satin nickel, black nickel.

Hands: black nickel, gloss copper, gloss gold, gloss chrome, aged brass.