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  -  Architecture   -  Suspension sculptural luminaires by Pujol Iluminación
Hanging lamps are the most used typology, they illuminate, delimit the spaces, and become the center of all eyes.

A hanging or suspended luminaire is one that hangs from the ceiling hanging from a cable and illuminates a space from top to bottom in a general way.

As a rule, their most common places are on the dining table or in the kitchen office. But although they are their most frequent sites, they are not the only spaces in which they are located. We can also find hanging lamps that offer a more decorative function, such as framing the headboard of the bed (replacing the table lamps of the bedside tables).

But they are not only for the residential field, but they are also very demanded for hotel projects, becoming large sculptural pieces of design in Halls of hotels, passage or rest areas.

Pujol Iluminación

in its catalog has a wide range of suspension lamps. This type of luminaires is offered in different formats.

For a few years now, it has been a trend to install multiple pendant lamps of the same model at different heights, creating a dynamic and fun composition. This option is offered, for example, by the Mini collection of Pujol Iluminación, which allows you to place your spotlights at different heights and distances.

Foto: lámpara colgante MINI de Pujol Iluminación, acabado blanco.

Creating compositions is a very fun resource, but not only this type of lamps will capture the attention of the interior in which they are located. Also the XL size luminaires become majestic pieces that fill the space with character marking and delimiting an area.

Another aspect to take into account of this type of lamps is the height, they should never be placed neither too high nor so low as to give us with them. If they are going to illuminate a table, the ideal is that they are about 60cm from the surface of it.

On the other hand, to illuminate a more elongated space, repeated lamps are used, installed in a straight line. In this case always at the same height. The effect is fun and surprising, this other resource elegantly dresses the interior, both in a dining room and in a kitchen office and on a rectangular dining table. For example, the collections Tomas and Beret by Pujol Iluminación, are the most suitable for this resource.

In short, the resources and collections that the firm presents to us in hanging luminaires are very varied. All of them incorporate the latest LED technology and are made of metal, providing the highest performance. They also have multiple finishes, in more metallic tones for more industrial spaces, in flatter colors or even, on request, can be demanded in any color of the RAL chart.

Foto: BOINA de Pujol Iluminación. De izquierda a derecha acabados: rojo, negro, amarillo, verde, blanco y azul.