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  -  Architecture   -  Slow life bath by Ramon Soler®
A bathroom that shines with its own light, equipped with the new range of Ergos accessories by Ramon Soler
and its new Adagio taps.

Project: Slow life bathroom by Ramon Soler®

Interior decorator: Barasona Diseño y Comunicación S.L.

Photographer: Stella Rotger

Place: Barcelona, Spain

Date: 2022


This bathroom, the most private area of the house, radiates a totally trendy design: the Slow life trend. This style is characterized by a refined decoration, which allows us to feel calm and disconnect, and to be distributed in diaphanous spaces. A design that marks a leisurely and natural lifestyle.

Creativity and elegance also overflow in this bathroom with a rural spirit. Its wooden furniture and its taps and accessories in brushed gold finish, bring elegance and a touch of modernism to this country bathroom.

In this room, full of character, faucets from the Adagio collection by Ramon Soler® have been incorporated, recognized for its impeccable design of straights and curves with organic shapes, common in nature and in forms that try to imitate it. All the charisma that Adagio awakens and its organic geometry, inspired by the search for beauty through ideal proportions, is the most solemn and sober part of this rural and modern bathroom.

AREA LAVABO._Dos bowl-shaped sinks crown the bathroom cabinet with simple lines in solid wood. To energize the bathroom, ramon Soler’s® bimando faucets are combined: on the left, the recessed version of Adagio; on the right, the Adagio brushed gold high tap.

Both create a unique composition that gives personality to the room. The two models feature the exceptional cross-shaped handle, the vivid representation of symmetry.

Foto: Grifería bimando con caño giratorio Adagio de Ramon Soler®, acabado oro cepillado.

ZONE WC._ In the toilet area we can see part of the new range of Ergos accessories by Ramon Soler®, which arise to solve the needs of those users who were looking for the same finish as the faucets. In this elegant and unparalleled brushed gold finish of maximum resistance the brand offers from hanger to towel rack, brush and soap dish, which complement perfectly with the taps.

On the other hand, in this same area it is worth mentioning, the WC Magnet taps by Ramon Soler® that replaces the classic bidet. Thanks to its small dimensions and its mural installation, this bathroom area is as elegant as it is minimalist. In addition, WC Magnet is a smart innovation with a patented double-lock system: a double safety valve integrated into the faucet body that closes when the duchite is placed on the stand, thanks to the presence of a magnet that helps make the closure perfect.

Foto: duchita que sustituye al bidé: WC Magnet, y nuevos accesorios Ergos de Ramon Soler®: colgadores, escobillero y portarrollos, acabado oro cepillado de alta resistencia y durabilidad.

In short, a rustic bathroom, based on the Slow life style, which calms us with its stone tones and transports us to nature. In it, the faucets of the Adagio collection and new Ergos accessories by Ramon Soler® and its brushed gold finish of maximum durability stand out. These elements are responsible for creating a special bathroom, in addition to having the highest performance.

Foto: duchita que sustituye al bidé: WC Magnet, acabado oro cepillado, de Ramon Soler®. 

Dos colgadores de la colección Ergos de Ramon Soler® acabado oro cepillado.