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Do you want to rejuvenate while you sleep? The Quiétude mattress from Senttix guarantees an improvement in the firmness and elasticity of your skin, as well as a notable reduction in the visible signs of aging, thanks to the treatment with Hydra+ probiotics that it includes in its tissues.


, the leading firm in rest, has a catalog of exclusive mattresses to achieve ‘El Buen Dormir’. Among them, it offers Quiétude, a mattress of sophisticated design, which improves the quality of rest with fabrics of the highest quality and certified properties.

Quiétude is a simple and elegant product, while offering a soft welcome and firm support. Its white, clean and delicate colors make it an exclusive rest system.

Senttix studies each of the needs of people to offer solutions for a quality rest. For example, he knows that sleeping eight hours reduces fine lines and wrinkles and decreases the number of spots on the skin, so he goes much further and incorporates Hydra+ in the Quiétude mattress.

Hydra+ is a probiotic treatment that reduces the visible signs of aging by favoring the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Probiotics are able to migrate between sheets and reach the skin to improve firmness, elasticity and eliminate signs of fatigue. Among its many benefits we can also highlight the compensation of the pH of the skin and that helps the formation of melanin. The percentage of probiotic formulation of Hydra+ is five times that of any anti-aging cream on the market.

Foto: Colchón Quiétude de Senttix.

In addition to helping you wake up younger every day, with Quiétude you can enjoy a soft, comfortable and enveloping top layer of natural materials, as well as a solid and resistant support afterwards.

Foto: Colchón Quiétude de Senttix.

It should be noted that this exclusive rest system has four qualities that make it a unique mattress:

  • More than 4500 bagged springs inside, divided into 3 layers, allow you to enjoy a gradual, soft grip at the beginning and firm at the end.
  • Right on the top topper, two layers of nanospring that ensure freedom of movement, while softness and breathability.
  • D-Stress, woven with carbon filaments that protect against electromagnetic pollution and discharge static electricity into the air, making its negative effects disappear.
  • Hydra+, tissue with probiotics that reduces the visible signs of aging by repairing the collagen of the skin.
Foto: Colchón Quiétude de Senttix.