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  -  Architecture   -  WAY XL, the most sophisticated armchair from CANCIO
A wraparound armchair available with or without arms, which will become the center of all eyes

Way de


was born to be that armchair in which everyone wants to sit, that armchair that we can not stop looking at until we try it, and once we try it we do not want to get up.

This Armchair, as comfortable as it is stylish, stands out for its organic lines in its backrest and seat, and the lightness and minimalism of its structure.

Way is offered in two different versions, with armrests and no armrests. This feature will make the Way XL armchair present a lighter aesthetic without arms and more majestic with arms.

It consists of an upholstered backrest and seat and a lacquered steel structure.

Its angled legs add style while offering great stability. The subtlety of the entire structure gives it an air of the most current. On the other hand, its back and seat, however, present generous shapes and great comfort. Way stands out for its comfort, its oval backrest and its seat of organic shapes, make it a very enveloping armchair and the thickness of the upholstery makes it very cozy.


It is manufactured with upholstered seat and backrest, in the range of new finishes of Cancio,both textile and vinyl. And a Tessutoversion is also offered, this version is a combination between wood and textile. The back of the seat and backrest, made of beech plywood, dyed or lacquered, is covered on its front face with a padded shell and upholstered in textile or vinyl versions. The manufacture of this type of seats requires a very precise technique to achieve the perfect union of both pieces. The result is a very versatile aesthetic solution, which combines the warmth of wood with the comfort of upholstered fabric and offers a complete range of color combinations.

It is also offered with Aquacleanfabric, a washable fabric, very suitable for public places or for homes that have children. Aquaclean® Technology is a revolutionary treatment that covers each fiber with an invisible molecular layer and thus prevents dirt from penetrating the tissue. With this treatment we can clean the stains simply using a little water, therefore it offers a very simple maintenance and in a minimum time. Aquaclean helps to get rid of the Most household stains (wine, ink, sauce, grease, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.) make our lives easier and leave us more time for the important things.

Way XL,is the ideal piece for the most current interiors, both contract and residential spaces, will look in a unique way with the incorporation of this armchair, in a hall, a living room or a bedroom.

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