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  -  Architecture   -  TRAVERTINO by Apavisa, new collection of porcelain tiles
The material expressiveness and a great aesthetic impact are reflected in Travertino, a stone effect collection with a design of marked personality.

As its name suggests, this collection is inspired by the limestone rock most used in construction since ancient Rome, Travertine. A collection that reproduces all the beauty and chromatic range of marble. To create greater realism, different shades and types of graphics are combined.

This collection includes flooring, cladding and accessories such as skirting boards or pieces for steps. This stone offers a classic and timeless charm, for interiors and exteriors.

Foto: Pavimento Travertino Navona Natural 60x120cm.

All its attractiveness is highly enhanced, since, Travertine is a very porous material, which absorbs liquids and scratches easily. However, with the travertine porcelain stoneware collection,


offers us flooring and coatings that enjoy the beauty of this stone but with very different characteristics: a high hardness and resistance to wear, a non-porous material and resistant to chemical attacks, scratches and scratches.

Foto: Pavimento Travertino Titanium Natural 60x120.

Travertino de Apavisa nos permite crear espacios elegantes y superficies decorativas, abre paso a un mundo de posibilidades estéticas vanguardistas. Está disponible en tres formatos: 45X120, 60X120, 60X60. Además, ofrece tres tonalidades diferentes: Travertino Navona en tonos beige, permite crear espacios muy naturales y sin ostentaciones; Travertino Titanium, ofrece unas tonalidades más oscuras, con mucho carácter por sus tonos gris oscuro, marrón oscuro y óxido; Y por último Travertino Blue, en una gama de azules combinados con gris, muestra al máximo el veteado de esta colección.

It should also be noted that it has decorative pieces, to create borders and make a more dynamic flooring or cladding. In addition, two different finishes are offered Natural and Matt.

With this wide variety,

the firm

offers endless possibilities to design unique interiors or exteriors, full of expressiveness, naturalness and distinction.

Foto: De izq. a drcha.: Travertino Navona Natural, Travertino Titanium Natural, Travertino Blue Natural, Travertino Blue decor y Travertino Titanium Decor.