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  -  Architecture   -  INBECA Wellness Equipment’s fixed outdoor spa

A paradise at home

Inbeca Wellness Equipment Design spas to install outdoors, an ideal option to make the dream of creating a wellness space at home come true.

The time is coming to enjoy the free moments and the good weather, so our exteriors take on great prominence. Having a pool is a pleasure, but if we don’t have enough space, installing a spa is a luxury.

A water massage in our favorite corner is possible with the installation of a spa. Inbeca Wellness Equipment’s fixed spas are designed to provide the pleasant feeling of moving water and enjoy a unique design.

Inbeca Wellness Equipment fuses the most advanced technology and the most cutting-edge design to create round fixed spas that in addition to having the right features for outdoor installation, thanks to being a circular design, increases their user capacity.

Inbeca Wellness Equipment has two types of fixed round spas: overflowing or unoverflow.

Fixed spas with overflow have a great capacity and safety, with an optimization in water conservation and great performance, making them ideal for both residential and commercial installations. The fundamental difference from other spa models is in the filtration circuit, as it collects water from the hull through the perimeter or overflowing skimer and is channeled into a compensation reservoir that makes it impossible to overflow the water, allowing users to always enjoy the maximum water level without having to be aware.

On the other hand, fixed spas without overflow have perfect functionality and a great possibility of accessories. Because the machinery is not integrated into the bathtub itself, the space and its capacity are maximum, making it possible to use it on a collective level.

On the other hand, the helmets do not incorporate any type of coating and therefore, Inbeca Wellness Equipment It has various designs, shapes and colors of helmets to meet both the needs and styles of private and public installations.

In addition, the firm’s spas maintain an optimal value for money as well as a number of differential characteristics that maximize the performance of hydrotherapy.

Inbeca Wellness Equipment with its fixed spas ideal for residential use makes our outdoors small private paradises.