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  -  Architecture   -  The BONA brand walks the streets of Madrid

From the last day of September until the end of the month 4 bus lines that run through the most emblematic neighborhoods of Madrid will walk the Bonabrand, its maintenance products and its sanding system without dust.

The lines chosen for this marketing action have been: the Circular Line 1, number 27 and 151 with them we fulfill the purpose of covering most of the center of Madrid where the number of visitors being September and still a holiday season doubles in this c whoist.

To complement the marketing campaign, the radio station Cadena Dial one of the most popular and listened to in the city broadcasts 4 times a day an advertisement where two women talk about Bona maintenance products and where to buy them.

“The goal of this campaign is nothing more than branding among passers-by,” says Susana Ugena Marketing Director at Bona Iberia. “We know that Bona is a leader among professionals in the sector, but at the user level we have a lot to do and they form a very important role in our line of business. If the owner of the floors knows us will buy us, prescribe and recommend us”. It goes on to say Susana Ugena “this is one of the many marketing actions that we have planned to reinforce the leading brand in products for the installation, restoration and maintenance of wood floors among the retail sector”.