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  -  Architecture   -  INBECA unveils its NEW ROUND 3.0 SAUNA

Enjoy the circle

INBECA Wellness Equipment presents the sauna that breaks with the traditional Finnish sauna with straight lines: “SAUNA Round 3.0″is circular, of unique and exclusive design.

The new sauna of the firm gathers all key points to be the perfect sauna: an avant-garde design, spectacular lighting and exceptional finishes, which together provoke a feeling of spaciousness, well-being and recreation, everything a wellness space Need.

INBECA incorporates in the “SAUNA Round 3.0″ an original lighting that enhances its curved lines and also gives the possibility that the user feels as if he were in an outer space, observing the sky, thanks to the option of being able to install on his ceiling a starry sky from a circular LED cord .


The“Sauna Round 3.0” of INBECAis designed according to the strictest quality criteria, guaranteeing exceptional technical characteristics. But its whimsical circular shape is born with the aim of satisfying the most special desires and demands, in terms of designs and finishes.

In addition, the “Sauna Round 3.0” is characterized by the magnificent details. From the selection of materials of excellent qualities, such as the cleaning of the finishes of the encounters and finishes.


The sauna is a great tool to repair our body. Heat, which causes abundant sweating, is used as a cooling mechanism of the body. Among the benefits that this gives us are: the improvement in the blood circulation, the elimination of toxins, the airways are cleared. In addition, in this case, since it is a circular sauna, it promotes the relationship and dialogue between the different users.

INBECA with “Sauna Round 3.0″ brings wellness, good design and luxury.