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  -  Decoration   -  Pujol Lighting at the Hilton Tallinn Hotel

Elegance and luxury choosePujol Lighting. The firm specialized in the creation of unique and exclusive luminaires for the contract sector is chosen for the Hiton Tallinn Hotel,belonging to one of the most internationally recognized hotel chains.

Pujol Lighting,which has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of luminaires, in addition to offering a wide range of luminaires in its general catalog, in its Special Projects department, creates and produces adapted custom lamps to the needs of the hotelier.

On this occasion, Pujol Lighting it has designed a special octagonal wall lamp that fits perfectly into the interior design of the prestigious hotel, where geometric lines and on-trend finishes come to the fore and form a space of undisputed luxury.

The applique made to measure Pujol Lighting in addition to having an avant-garde volume, with light output both from its top and the bottom, is made in two finishes that make it a piece trend: for its surface has been chosen a carbon black tone, while its interior has been covered with a luminous gold that enhances the light it emits.

The luminaire has been installed in the common areas of the Hilton Tallinn Hotel such as corridors and elevator areas, spaces that require elements with their own personality that add value.

In addition, the Hotel Hilton Tallinn has the PS-75 table lamp from Pujol Lighting for its rooms, a luminaire with minimalist lines with a straight design and an implicit chrome finish.

Pujol Lighting’s experience in creating special pieces for the Contract field is reaffirmed by its presence in the Hilton Tallinn Hotel,where good design and quality come together.


About Pujol Lighting, Founded in 1978, has managed to be one of the reference manufacturers in the lighting sector for the design and quality of its products, and for the excellent relationship with its customers and its clear vocation International. Pujol lighting has a wide range of distribution of its luminaires and exports 50 of its production in the 5 continents.

Pujol Lighting has a general catalog with which more than 2,000 customers work in nearly 40 countries worldwide: shops specialized in lighting, furniture and decoration, engineering and warehouses of electrical equipment.