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  -  Architecture   -  INBECA’s Stainless Steel Line: A New Manufacturing Concept

Stainless steel is an elegant and attractive looking material that is molded and handled with high-tech systems allows to achieve a perfect finish respecting the properties of the steel, its brightness and reflections.

Combined with a reinforcement of high strength and stability to deformations and expansions, INBECAcreates a vessel of perfect sealing and firmness. Thanks to this system, the firm has managed to carry out a new project in the manufacture of stainless steel swimming pools and spas.

INBECA has a wide range of models of swimming pools in stainless steel for the different applications that today are essential in facilities of wellness centers, spas, hotels, gyms, among others, or single-family homes where a high level of design is required.

The INBECA Inox Line features thermal contrast stainless steel pools, portable stainless steel spas, stainless steel spas with overflow, inox play pools with skimmers and playless inox pools with overflow. In addition, the firm offers the possibility to manufacture stainless steel pools and portable spas to measure.

But stainless steel pools and spas not only serve the interior, but also stainless steel is the ideal material for outdoor pools because unlike methacrylate spas, they do not require protective caps as they do not suffer any damage from the effects of the sunlight or from inclement weather.

– Ideal for outdoor pools. Stainless steel is a very light, sturdy and very elegant material, which INBECA it has reinforced fiberglass based thus achieving a significant reduction in the total weight of the pool glass without decreasing the resistance to water strength. In this way it is very useful to locate the pools in terraces, attics and spaces with structures that do not support large loads. Outdoor stainless steel pools and spas, unlike methacrylate spas, do not require protective caps as they do not suffer any damage from the effects of sun rays or inclement weather.