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  -  Architecture   -  Outdoor Sauna KUBIK by INBECA

The sauna that joins minimalist architecture and maximum relaxation

The frenetic pace of cities creates a non-stop lifestyle from which we run away when we have a space of time. To give us the relaxation and well-being our body and mind needs, INBECA Wellness Equipment presents the KUBIKoutdoor sauna.

Kubik it is the outdoor sauna design at its best, it is designed to stay outdoors but with a rather interior design. KUBIK is minimalist by joining the latest trends in sauna design in architectural lines, incorporating a exclusive roof drainage system integrated inside the cabin itself, so that it avoids traditional roofs on one or two sides.

Its exterior coating in tropical wood of the highest quality and its treatment with special protective oils gives it exceptional durability. Likewise, its diaphanous glazing causes the user a feeling of spaciousness and depth that stimulates its effects of relaxation and well-being.

The design of Kubik it’s pure architectural beauty. An outdoor sauna that, in addition to being one of the most cutting-edge designs on the market, provides great benefits in people.

And the first question would be: why should I install a sauna in my home?


Cleanses the skin

The pores dilate and the dead cells are removed, obtaining a shiny and soft skin at the end of the sauna treatment.

Eliminates toxins

When body temperature increases, blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases. Sweating helps lower levels of toxins in the body.

Decreases joint and muscle pain

Thanks to the release of endorphins, the body obtains a calming effect that falls directly into the reduction of muscle aches or arthritis, resulting in a natural healing process of the body.

Burn calories

A sauna treatment helps get rid of excess calories.

Deep sleep

Sauna baths promote deep sleep, as raising the body temperature releases endorphins that reduce at night resulting in a relaxed and deep sleep.

Maximum relaxation

The relaxing effect of the sauna is instantaneous from the moment we start it.

INBECA Wellness Equipment offers with KUBIKthe sauna that solves with excellence the projects in which the installation of an outdoor sauna is required without losing the aesthetic and functional quality of a well-appreciated wellness object.