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  -  Decoration   -  Ypsilon Plus designed by Carmen Barasona for Ramon Soler®

Touch with a lot of sense is what transmits us Ypsilon Plus by Ramon Soler®,the new collection of taps designed by Carmen Barasona.

Born in Seville and CEO of Barasona Design and Communication, Carmen Barasona offers a double and interesting service that encompasses communication and design, two different but complementary fields, offering successful creations materialized in projects that have gone around the world.

Carmen Barasona has created Ypsilon Plus together withRamon Soler’sR&D team®. The designer has taken care of the design of Ypsilon Plus to the last detail, where comfort and technology are paramount. This elegant collection is inspired by the subtle curves of nature. The designer creates a timeless beauty that is reflected in the lines of Ypsilon Plus, the result of the search for the natural, which, contrary to a trend of the moment, is eternal.

The lever of the single command is in line with the most natural trends, where its ergonomic shape prevails, being very comfortable and attractive to the touch.

Ypsilon Plus is inspired by the forms of nature, resulting in a new line of faucets absolutely attractive to an increasingly demanding audience, which demands clearly differentiating products in design, quality and price.

Ypsilon Plus enjoys maximum performance and is subject to the highest standards of quality and innovation, with a design that enhances the attractive aesthetics of an elegant and ergonomic product, with minimalist shapes that provide a great adaptability to any bathroom environment.

Ypsilon Plus incorporates the highest technology of the brand with a set of patents of Ramon Soler®that make it ideal for all types of projects, both residential and for the hotel sector:

  • WATER SAVING SYSTEM S2 RamonSoler’s single controls ® have a dual flow position system. When pressing the lever to open the faucet, the user notices a resistance at one point in the route, where 50 of the flow rate is supplied. If desired, the user can operate the lever until the maximum flow is achieved.
  • CAUDAL LIMITER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ramon Solerlimiters ® allow you to determine what maximum flow is desired, reducing water consumption and maintaining the comfort of use. The standard limitation is 3.7 l/m in washbasins and 8 l/m for showers.
  • ACÚSTICASTIC PROTECTION ? Ypsilon Plus has different acoustic filters both in the water inlets of the taps and inside their regulating mechanisms, optimizing the acoustic protection. It is an innovative system that provides silent acoustics like a whisper.
  • SENSITIVITY ? The single-command cartridge allows you to conveniently adjust the desired temperature.
  • ERGONOMICS The ergonomic design of Ypsilon Plus allows for easy use for anyone.
  • DURABILITY ? It stands out above all for its great strength since all its external components are metallic, allowing great durability over time.

Ypsilon Plus is a complete collection that has a high sink monocommand, sink faucet for wall recessed with or without plate, shower single controls, shower sets and in addition, it is completed with a slender kitchen faucet with rotating swan pipe, with which Carmen Barasona conveys the natural essence of Ypsilon Plus to a space as appreciated as kitchens are.

Ramon Soler® surprises us with pieces like Ypsilon Plus,which combines aesthetics and functionality with the latest technology for taps, improving the user’s life at a really unbeatable cost.


Manufacturer:Ramon Soler Industries

Model:Ypsilon Plus

Design:Carmen Barasona

Ypsilon Plus 6401. Sink Monomando: price 61.6

Ypsilon Plus 6410. High Sink Monocommand: price 112.3

Ypsilon Plus 6436. Single-command sink swan rotating pipe: price 79.3


Single-command Sink with flow limiter 3.75 l/min Water system S2

Chrome: 15 microns nickel thickness, 0.3 microns of chromium

Resists static > pressures 16 bar and 25 bar battering rams

Recommended usage pressure: 1-5 bar (Recommended 3 bar)

Maximum operating temperature 80oC (Recommended 60-65oC)

ACS Health Certificate

5-year warranty.