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  -  Architecture   -  Alejandro Aravena, Pritzker Prize 2016

Chilean architect Alejandro Aravenahas been awarded the Pritzker Prize 2016. In the opinion of the jury, it is worthy of the distinction because it practices architecture “as an artistic effort in both private works and designs for the public sphere and personifies the rebirth of the most socially engaged architect.”

Tom Pritzker president of the Hyatt Foundation, who sponsors the award, assured that the jury has selected an architect who “deepens our understanding of what a great design is. Alejandro Aravena has pioneered a collaborative practice that produces powerful works of architecture and also addresses key challenges of the 21st century. His work represents opportunities for the less privileged, mitigatesthe effects of natural disasters, reduces energy consumption, and provides welcoming public space. Innovative and inspiring, it shows how architecture at its best can improve people’s lives..