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  -  Architecture   -  Alesta® Cool ™, the black color is as cold as white

“The black color is as cold as white” , it is no longer necessary to use light colors to avoid overheating of sun-exposed surfaces.

In objects exposed on the outside, color has a very significant impact on the temperature it can reach when exposed to sunlight. Dark colors absorb radiation more than light colors, so the temperature increase of dark colors exposed to the sun is higher than that of light colors.

Alesta® Cool ™ managed to solve this problem and NOW THE DARK COLORS ARE NOT HEATED MORE THAN WHITES.

With Alesta® Cool ™ the firm manages to solve this effect, converting dark colors into colors that behave like light.

Alesta® Cool it is a polyester powder paint that significantly improves reflection levels in dark tones thanks to its special pigments.

How does this affect buildings? The darker the facade of a building, the more energy is required to cool it. And, the heating of objects not only influences the interior temperature of the building, but also affects the building components and joints that are exposed to dilation and contraction caused by temperature differences.

Thanks to the innovative Alestapowder painting system® Cool™, it is possible to reduce the surface temperature to 20oC. Thanks to Alesta® Cool ™,black is now as cold as white.

The advantages offered by Alesta® with Alesta® Cool ™ are considerable:

  • An increase in the amount of reflected infrared radiation greater than 20.
  • Reduces the temperature of the surface exposed to the sun by up to 20oC.
  • Minor mechanical stress on outdoor exposure metals.
  • Reduces the energy cost required to cool buildings.
  • Provides the possibility to coat materials with low infrared radiation reflection properties.
  • It is simple to apply.
  • Respect the environment.


Construction: Roofs, panels for facade, doors, blinds, pergolas…

Outdoor furniture for terraces & gardens, urban furniture…

Transport: refrigerated transport, agricultural machinery…

Alesta® Cool ™ it is an exclusive creation for outdoor projects, both construction and outdoor furniture.

With Alesta® Cool ™ the signature converts dark colors into colors that behave like light colors.

Alesta® meets the highest demands of both architects and designers, giving them the option to achieve perfect finishes with a wide range of colors. Alesta® Cool it is more effective the darker the color, so now, black is as cold as white, and choosing the desired color is more than possible.

Comparative graph of radiation heating, black color in Alesta quality® Cool ™ behaves exactly like white.

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