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Sensory technology at your fingertips

The bathroom is one of the rooms whose comfort and level of security can be improved with technology, thus optimizing everyday use, to be the key to success. The technology arrives in the hidden bathroom behind the most avant-garde design, to surprise all design lovers and now also captivate the most technological people.

Ready to innovate NUOVVO® presents its PLAY mirror that will become the technological toy of the bathroom most desired by all. We know that technology has become an essential tool in any stay due to the time savings it entails for the user. The consumer demands an immediate response, needs fast and personalized attention that gives them unique and different experiences. That is why from the firm they constantly work to provide the best solution to the demands thinking about the needs of people.

This intelligent mirror achieves a fascinating effect, providing a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. It is a mirror of a size considerable enough for the user to look comfortable.

The PLAY mirror incorporates: two LED light strips, digital clock, music player, Bluetooth and two 3W speakers each. This new mirror features a touch sensor located at the bottom center that activates easily. It is also an anti-fog mirror that prevents it from fogging for better user vision and functionality by making it more comfortable because it avoids the inconvenience of having to remove the vapour manually.

The low-power LED lighting in the mirror is ideal for this place where we shave, shave or make-up. NUOVVO® incorporated in its modern mirror PLAY a top strip and a lower strip of LED lighting that provides an optimal and intense front light that at the same time is not annoying, since it is an enveloping lighting capable of practically removing the shadows, to perform these tasks comfortably.

It is now possible to see yourself more optimally thanks to the spectacular PLAY mirror that is multifunctional, giving the possibility to show the time at all times thanks to its integrated watch. A very useful feature so that we are not late to go to work or that important appointment.

The most noteworthy complement of all that this mirror has are its two speakers with Bluetooth connection, to be able to play our music or radio from our smartphone. A breakthrough for this important moment of relaxation in the day to day that makes it more enjoyable and entertaining that moment of dedicating time to yourself with personal grooming.

The PLAY NUOVVO®PLAY mirror is available in two different formats: 80x65cm and 100x65cm, both with a glass thickness of only 4 mm. Its rectangular and minimalist shape fits perfectly in any style and becomes the jewel of the bathroom.

In short, NUOVVO® does not fall behind and knows very well that home automation or automation systems have invaded every corner, and the bathroom could not be less. In addition, the current customer is looking for a different, fast and interactive experience to be able to enjoy their time spent to the fullest. In response, the firm launches PLAY,an avant-garde mirror with built-in technology, designed for those who want to create an exquisite and updated interior.


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