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  -  Architecture   -  Fontini 1950 Mechanisms: Gold Light

The Fontini brand faithful to the passion for his work offers us a commemorative collection to celebrate its 60th anniversary, with which it transports us to the luxury of the 50s recalling the aesthetic of its first creation.

The 1950 Collection made of metal and customizable, gives rise to unique mechanisms, with the possibility to configure its frame and finishes with excellent results.

A collection of exquisite taste, consisting of vertical or horizontal installation mechanisms, recessed, with brass frames, which can be adapted to both conventional electrical installations and home automation systems.

Inside the palette of finishes we find gold, a finish that gives our environments a touch of classic beauty, with a design of lines and pure motifs dyed the color of this precious metal.

Its use is delicate: with the simple movement of a finger we turn on and off the light, and with its golden aesthetic this simple action is completed filling it with elegance and sophistication.

Being able to choose the finish making each of these mechanisms unique, Fontini gives us the possibility to be part of the final design, being part of a collection loaded with history.