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  -  Architecture   -  Suspension luminaires TOMAS Collection from Pujol Iluminacion

Now available in three new finishes of the most sophisticated, chrome, satin copper and matt gold.

Geometry and color, two nouns that complement each other perfectly and become the perfect combination if completed with lighting. To this composition responds in the best way, the suspension luminaires of the TOMAS collection of Pujol Iluminacion.

TOMAS,is a collection inspired by the perfect volume of the pyramid, its design, made of aluminum casting, presents an absolute balance between the plane and the curved lines, resulting in a body of chic aesthetics. The groundbreaking design of these elegant and fun suspension luminaires will not leave any design lover indifferent.

A perfect luminaire must illuminate in the most optimal way and provide a plus of design, this is how they manage to beautify the spaces and achieve environments of the latest trend.

Suspension luminaires are no longer intended solely to illuminate dining or office tables, but can be found by supporting other spaces and making a difference in them, such as in bedside tables, reading corners or on bathroom and kitchen countertops. In addition, TOMAS

It is an ideal collection for both residential and commercial projects.



Its plant has an equilateral triangle of 11cm side, which evokes balance and well-being. It is suspended by a tensioning cable, which provides visual lightness, keeping the focus on the pyramid. TOMAS allows you to install it individually or as a group, creating dynamic compositions and playing with the heights of the luminaires.

Therefore, we find totally versatile suspension luminaires. In addition, if you want to install more than one and the space does not allow you because you only have one point of light, TOMAS offers the option to custom manufacture a base for the ceiling where you can assemble the luminaires you need.


The search for touches that bring life and differentiation through color is a trend. With TOMAS it is possible to create very attractive combinations that adapt to any space. It was initially launched with a wide variety of flat colors: white, black, yellow, green, red and blue. But now he conquers us with his new finishes in trend: chrome plaid, cobre satin copper and matte gold, in addition to any finish of the RAL chart for projects. And this metallic collection, could not leave aside the most sophisticated and elegant finishes. For up-to-date projects.

Manufacturing design luminaires with the highest technical performance is one of the values of Pujol Lighting,which for more than 30 years offers collections that combine aesthetics and quality in its composition and finishes.

With TOMAS the firm achieves a collection of contemporary aesthetics, with minimalist brushstrokes and an exclusive character ideal to complete contract, hotel or residential projects.