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A suite is a relaxing space where the ultimate goal is to combine design and rest, luxury, with the highest performance. From Barasona Design and Communication we design for Ramon Soler® a suite in which the naturalness of its elements result in a soft atmosphere.

Natural Suite is an open space designed with a unique elegance. On the one hand the design follows the pure lines for distribution, the choice of furniture and shades ranging from broken white to more sober gray, while choosing a material as noble as wood, linen texture and velvet.

The sink area of Natural Suite is the star of the stay, for its delicacy and the spectacularness of the chosen faucet: the ALEXIA XL washbasin monomand.

ALEXIA is the ideal collection for design projects as it is available in four sizes. The collection starts from size S to move to the M and L,reaching the XL,so it can adapt to both a bowl sink and different sizes of traditional sinks.

Natural Suite by Carmen Barasona is perfectly completed with the ALEXIA collection as a piece of avant-garde design, the perfect icing on the cake for a space of natural aesthetics. The volume of ALEXIA surprises by the proportions of its different parts: conical body that gives it great personality, large pipe ideal to give it greater comfort of use while stylizing it and a clean design lever.